who’s 2PM?


The beast idol, as we know. Boygroup, who’s make me laugh everynight when I see they video. The boy who make me cry, if they’re get a hurts.
The boy, who can give me a truly of togetherness in this world. I love when they’re going to be a funny person or as everyone call them-beastly idol.

Maybe, some people think 2PM can’t be funny, cause his music video always look dark, the color often to black or grey. But, beside that they’re have a very very funny person.

Nichkhun with his charm, Jun.K with his accent, Junho with his smiling eyes, Wooyoung with his act, Taecyeon who’s always a lot of talk, and Chansung with his charm laugh. I love both of they’re characteristic. It just ~~~ i just love it.

2PM who has trainee in JYP Entertaiment, and debute in September 4th, 2008 with their first single “10 out of 10”, I think this song can give you a new of spirit. Amazing song, in my mind. And in 2009 they lost their leader-Park Jaebum- with a little problem can make a big trouble. But now, its good to see Jay again in entertain, with his first solo album New Breed which released in 2012.

the latest news from 2PM is they have a new japenese album that called “Legend of 2PM”, and maybe in this year 2PM will hold a great concert in Tokyo Dome. have a sense of pride when an artist can hold a concert there, and 2PM can do it. It Japan not Korea, its be good to Korean group have a concert there. I hope that concert will be succeed like the other concert they’ve before.


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